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School of Computing & Information Sciences Anniversary

On November 9th and 10th, 2012 our school will celebrate its 25th anniversary by holding a two day event that highlights our achievements, alumni, capabilities and the future of our School. We will have some amazing speakers including:

Adam Rogers
CTO Ultimate Software

Adam and his team have been recognized by Forrester Research and other leading IT research firms for Ultimate's development of best practices in agile software development.
Jeff Ullman
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
Member National Academy of Engineering; Fellow ACM; Knuth Prize; ACM Karl Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award; IEEE John von Neumann Medal

"Whose work on automata theory and knowledge-bases served as a foundation for modern computer science" -Dr. Dobbs.
Wenliang Du
Professor, Syracuse University

Outstanding FIU SCIS Alumni whose research expertise includes Web and Smartphone System Security
C. V. Ramamoorthy
Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley
Life Fellow IEEE; Fellow Society of Design and Process Science: IEEE Taylor Booth Award

Pioneering work on extracting parallelism from sequentially executable programs and to the design of distributed systems.
James O'Brien
Professor, UC Berkeley
Sloan Fellow

FIU Distinguished Alumni and Torch Award Winner -- innovative computer graphics researcher whose work appears in many computer games and movies.
Bjarne Stroustrup
Distinguished Professor and Endowed Chair
College of Engineering, Computer Science, Texas A&M University; Member, National Academy of Engineering; Fellow IEEE; Fellow ACM; Fellow AT&T Bell Labs; ACM Grace Hopper Award

Creator of the C++ Programming Language used world-wide to power computer operating systems and applications.
Ultimate Software Industry Reception

Join the FIU SCIS computing community at this networking event. We are featuring R&D work from our top graduate and undergraduate students. Relax and form connections while you enjoy a jazz ensemble with your beverages and appetizers. Music will be performed by Matt Johnson, Jason Whiting, and Ryan Hecker.

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We will also present a number of exciting panels discussing computer science topics with FIU faculty, a formal dinner in the GC ballroom, plenty of networking opportunities, and an open house to engage the community with the work we are doing in our labs. We think it will be a spectacular tech event for our campus and South Florida. We expect over two hundred attendees with a good portion being represented by our alumni.

Masoud Sadjadi is the 25th Anniversary Committee Chair. Please contact Dr. Sadjadi for more information at: