Tutoring is offered free of charge to all students enrolled in courses offered by the School of Computing and Information Sciences. Our tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have generously offered to volunteer their time to help others. While we hope that tutors can be helpful to you, please keep in mind that tutoring should not be relied upon as a primary source of education.

Tutors have been instructed to answer only emails from fiu.edu addresses. This rule is in effect because of recent phishing emails sent to tutor email addresses.

For Students Seeking Tutoring

Tutors also have the option of tutoring at other times on campus, by email, or online using desktop sharing software. All of our tutors are busy people, so they will usually make an appointment to meet you in the computer lab. Please do not miss your appointment!

STARS Program Tutors

FIU Guide to Title V Tutoring On Campus

What can tutoring do for me?

  • syntactic and conceptual review and explanation
  • analogous examples to help with assignments
  • debugging help
  • pointers regarding different ways of thinking about a subject
  • direction to additional sources of relevant information
  • occasionally, outright instruction as would be provided in class

What can tutoring NOT do for me?

The purpose of tutoring is to aid students' learning of course material and understanding of concepts. Tutoring is a supplement to – not a substitute for – classroom instruction and work on assignments. As such, tutors are not permitted any of the following:

  • type students' code
  • provide solutions to problems relating to assignments
  • provide code for assignments
  • help students with online quizzes/tests

There is often a high demand for tutoring services, so please seek tutoring as soon as you have a problem. It is possible that no tutors are available to help you with your initial request, so please plan in advance. This service is offered as a way to help fellow students succeed, so please do not offer money, material rewards, or any type of favors to tutors.

Would You Like to Become a Tutor?

If you would like to volunteer as a tutor, please email a Tutoring Coordinator with your name, panther ID, and a list of subject(s) you would like to tutor.

Tutors must have earned at least a B+ (preferably an A) in the subject(s) they tutor. Tutors must also agree to the tutoring guidelines set forth by faculty and the tutoring coordinators.