Myrian Herlle Portrait

Myrian Herlle

Academic Advisor III

Before working for the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences (KFSCIS), she was an International/Academic Advisor in Houston, TX. She traveled nationwide and overseas during her tenure, mentoring, guiding, and advising international college students.

After joining the KFSCIS advising team in 2014,  Myrian began running a pilot program to assist students with academic warnings and probation status. In 2015, she founded the Academic Success Initiative (ASI), a tutoring and mentoring program to help students succeed in computer science and IT courses. The program’s success led to an award from NACADA, the National Academic Advising Association, in 2016. ASI also offers professional development and leadership opportunities to tutors to train them with duties and technical projects for the workplace.

Myrian is a two-time alumna of FIU. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. Currently, a doctoral student for the Adult Education /Human Resource Development program at FIU. Her research interest focuses on transfer students’ participation and success in computer science and IT.

She is passionate about student success, education, and its transformational power on students and society.

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