Proyash Podder

Ph.D. Candidate

Lecture Information:
  • March 9, 2023
  • 3:00 PM
  • Zoom

Speaker Bio

Proyash Podder is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree program in Computer Science at Florida International University’s Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences (KFSCIS), under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Afanasyev. His research focuses on the security of computer networks and future Internet architecture, particularly Named Data Networking (NDN). Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2017. After graduating, he worked as a Software Engineer at Reve Systems in Bangladesh before joining FIU.


Named Data Networking represents a major advancement in network communication by transforming the conventional model from delivering packets to hosts to directly accessing secure data packets by name. This alteration not only changes the way we view network security but also introduces a new approach to it. In NDN, the focus is on securing the data packets directly at the network layer instead of securing the channel through which the data is transmitted. While the basic building blocks of NDN security are built into the architectural components, it is not feasible to use them directly. The overarching goal of the proposed research is to develop and extend NDN components and tools to make NDN security usable.

The ease of use of NDN security tools is a crucial factor of future use of the new architecture. Requiring manual configuration of security measures discourage users and developers from using security primitive all together. Therefore, the proposed research evaluates the current state of various security tools (within and outside NDN area), identifies issues, and puts forward solutions to enhance the automation and usability of the overall NDN security system.