Scott Graham

Florida International University School of Computing and Information Sciences

Lecture Information:
  • April 24, 2024
  • 11:41 AM
  • ECS: 349

Speaker Bio

Dr. Graham is the Assistant Director, Research, for FIU’s School of
Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) and Managing Co-Director of
FIU’s NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced
Knowledge Enablement (I/UCRC CAKE). He has also served as Program
Coordinator for FIU SCIS’s NSF PIRE and CREST awards. As Assistant
Director for Government Relations of FIU’s High Performance Database
Research Center and Managing Co-Director of I/UCRC CAKE, he has assisted
their Director, Naphtali Rishe, in overseeing projects totaling over $55
million. His areas of interest include program management, computer
ethics, broadening participation, database modeling, Internet
applications, and computer architecture. Dr. Graham received his Ph.D. in
Computer Science from FIU and his BSE in Computer and Information
Engineering Science from the University of Florida. He has authored more
than forty publications covering his areas of interest and is a member of
both Tau Beta Pi and Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor societies.


Discuss the grant seeking process in terms specific to FIU, the importance
of PhD students in being involved in their faculty member’s grant seeking process.
Learning about (and becoming involved in) that process will make them better
prepared as they seek faculty jobs as they near graduation.