Upcoming Lectures

Understanding Event Structure in Text

Speaker: Mohammed Aldawsari

Stories often appear in textual form, for example, news stories are found in the form of newspaper articles, blogs, broadcast …

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Matt Wakefield

Emerging Cyber Security Priorities for the Grid

Speaker: Matt Wakefield

This session will provide an overview of the Electric Power Research Institute and Cyber Security research priorities. EPRI recently completed …

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Past Lectures

Technical Interviews: Another Barrier To Broadening Participation in Computing?

Speaker: Stephanie Lunn

The hiring process in computing is distinct from other fields, with unspoken expectations of digital portfolios and coding challenges designed …

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Evolution Analysis for Neural Network

Speaker: Liqun Yang

As the research of neural networks going further and further, the nature of the learning of the neural network attracts …

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Transforming Health Care Through IoT and Omics Revolutions

Speaker: Ram Sriram

The Internet, which has spanned several networks in a wide variety of domains, is having a significant impact on every …

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System and Application Performance Modeling and Simulation in the AI Era

Speaker: Adolfy Hoisie

The increasing complexity and heterogeneity of systems at large scale, combined with challenging characteristics of applications driven by data, and …

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Deep Learning for Bioinformatics Applications—Challenges and Future Directions

Speaker: Yi Pan

Due to improvements in mathematical formulas and increasingly powerful computers, we can now model many more layers of virtual neurons …

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On the Limits of Computation in Non-convex Optimization

Speaker: Panos M. Pardalos

Large scale problems in engineering, in the design of networks and energy systems, the biomedical fields, and finance are modeled …

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