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An Information-Theoretic Approach to Network Privacy: Attack Strategies, Defense Mechanisms, and Privacy-Utility Tradeoffs

Speaker: Mahshad Shariatnasab

As tracking technologies advance and become more sophisticated, there is a crucial need to quantify and understand the associated privacy …

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Accelerating Simulations with Machine Learning

Speaker: Bethany Lusch

Large-scale simulations are used in many fields to address questions such as how to design an efficient engine, how climate …

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Enhancing Resilience and Efficiency of Ensemble Learning Systems

Speaker: Yanzhao Wu

Deep neural network ensembles hold the potential to improve generalization performance and robustness for complex learning tasks. However, it remains …

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A is for Analog :: Accelerating Classical-Physics Computing on Custom CMOS Chips

Speaker: Arjuna Madanayake

Analog computers have been winning wars for America well before the dawn of ENIAC, transistors or discovery of Moore’s Law. …

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Novel Deep Learning Models for Mass Spectrometry-based Omics

Speaker: Muhammad Usman Tariq

Accurately and efficiently identifying protein sequences and structures is a foundational aspect of biological sciences, laying the groundwork for our …

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Materials and Sensors in the Era of “Artificial Intelligence”

Speaker: Shekhar Bhansali

Nanomaterial-enabled biosensors have been one of the more popular applications of nanotechnologies. With the maturing of the technologies, there is …

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