Upcoming Lectures

Educating Tomorrows Engineers including Entrepreneurship and Numerical Simulation of Boiling Heat Transfer under Different Gravity Levels

Speaker: Vijay Dhir

Engineering education is going through a change in pedagogy and modes of delivery. In the first part of this talk …

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Past Lectures

Application- aware Cross-layer Virtual Machine Resource Management

Speaker: Lixi Wang

Existing resource management solutions in datacenters and cloud systems typically treat VMs as black boxes when making resource allocation decisions. …

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Measuring information leakage using min-entropy and g-leakage

Speaker: Geoffrey Smith

A fundamental issue in security is to prevent computer systems from leaking confidential information, whether maliciously or accidentally. While it …

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Implications of Non Volatile Memory on Software Architectures

Speaker: Nisha Talagala

Flash based non volatile memory is revolutionizing data center architectures, improving application performance by bridging the gap between DRAM and …

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Social influence interpretation and a dynamic prediction model

Speaker: Jingxuan Li

Identifying influential users and predicting their network impact on social networks have attracted tremendous interest from both academia and industry. …

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Fine-Grained and Accurate Bandwidth Provisioning for OpenFlow Networks

Speaker: Deng Pan

Flow-level bandwidth provisioning achieves fine-grained bandwidth assurance for individual flows. It is especially important for virtualization based computing environments such …

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Improving Caches in Consolidated Environments

Speaker: Ricardo Koller

Memory (cache, DRAM, and disk) is in charge of feeding data and instructions to a computer.s processor. In order to …

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