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A Structural Equation Model Analysis of Computing Identity Sub-Constructs and Student Academic Persistence

Speaker: Mohsen Taheri

Mohsen Taheri is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Computing and Information Sciences at Florida International University under the …

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Past Lectures

Flexible Confidentiality Policies and their Modular Enforcement

Speaker: Anindya Banerjee

To obtain guarantees that an application program conforms to security policies, techniques based on programming language semantics, program logics and …

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Min-entropy Leakage of Channels in Cascade

Speaker: Barbara Espinoza

Theories of quantitative information flow offer an attractive framework for analyzing confidentiality in practical systems, which often cannot avoid “small” …

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Approaches to Provisioning Network Topology of Virtual Machines in Cloud Systems

Speaker: Mani Shafaatdoost

The current infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud systems, allow users to load their own virtual machines. However, most of …

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Adaptive Software Fault Prediction Approach Using Object-Oriented Metrics

Speaker: Djuradj Babic

As users continually request additional functionality, software systems will continue to grow in their complexity, as well as in their …

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Comparative Summarization of Document Sets

Speaker: Chao Shen

Multi-document summarization is a well-studied topic in text mining, aiming to distill the most important information from a set of …

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Cyber (In-)Security in SCADA Networks (with a Case Study)

Speaker: Dr. Marek Rusinkiewicz

In this talk, I will describe the infamous Stuxnet Trojan, which was used to penetrate and sabotage an industrial control …

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