Marijan Rajsman

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb

Lecture Information:
  • December 16, 2019
  • 2:00 PM
  • CASE 243
Photo of Marijan Rajsman

Speaker Bio

Professor Rajsman teaches courses at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at University of Zagreb all levels of study – undergraduate (Introduction to Transport and Traffic Technology, Means of Transportation, Technology of Road Transportation), graduate (Technology of Passenger Road Transportation), Master (Transport Logistics and Management, Transport Logistics Planning Methods), and Ph.D. (Technical Logistics, Optimization, and Modeling of Development of Transportation System, Modeling of Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents). His main areas of interest are Traffic technology and transportation (especially the aspect of traffic system safety and modeling of its development). He was a mentor to over a hundred undergraduate/graduate final papers and Master specialist thesis. He is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Traffic Engineers, and the Croatian Society of Court Experts – Road Accidents. Marijan received a Ph.D. in Transportation Technology from the University of Zagreb in 2005.


Regardless of whether the transportation system is of a country, region or a city, its main goal is always the same: to satisfy the existing transport demand in a particular area at a particular time. Accordingly, transportation demand is a fundamental factor in the sizing of the transportation system, both in technical and in the technological, organizational and economic subsystems, as its major subsystems. In this sense, modeling the transportation system development based on the study of the current status and trends of transport demand is a key instrument for its optimization. Modeling the development of the transport system on the basis of the analysis of the situation and the trends in transport demand, along with other essential transportation and economic factors, is a necessary basis of a successful transportation system management. An example of modeling the development of the public passenger transportation system in Zagreb is presented as a case study.