Setting and updating profile information

New Faculty

If you are an incoming or new faculty or staff, please use the following Google forms sheet to submit your information:
New Faculty & Staff Profile

Existing Faculty

If you are an already existing faculty or staff, please use the following Google forms sheet to submit your information updates:
UPDATE Faculty & Staff Profile



Adding events to the school calendar

If you would like to add and event to the school calendar such as club event, meet up, or lecture please go the school event calendar form here.

You will need to use your FIU credentials to access the form.
You will need to select KNIGHT FOUNDATION SCHOOL OF COMPUTING & INFORMATION SCIENCES under the Department field.

After submission, it will go through an approval process which will take no longer than 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. When approved this will be posted on the FIU Calendar, Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences website under Events and in the KFSCIS Newsletter.

Watch this short video on how to add an event:


Submitting an Explore post

Explore is all about student life in our school. We are looking for cool stories about things you are doing in and out of class. Are you working on an app, building a drone, or tutoring other students? Did you get an internship or land a great job? Well, we want to know so tell us about it! Short posts are welcome, but please include an image. We will read every submission and help you tweak it if necessary so it can be shared with the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences community.

Please link the link here.

Submitting Digital Signage

If you would like to submit a request to have your signage appear in the monitors around PG6 and the CASE building, please use the following link.

Please remember that all signage must be 1280px X 720px or 1920px X 1080px.

Student & Alumni

Submitting Senior Project

Once you have finished your senior project, please have only ONE person from your team submit the project via this link.

Please be sure to include all requested information.

Internship recognition

If you have completed an internship and would like to have your experience posted on the school website please use the following link to tell us all about it:

Internship experience form

First Job Recognition

If you have recently received your first-full time offer or have just started your first full-time position we would love to hear all about it! Please fill out the following form:

First Job Form


School Branding

Here are the following links to reference when you need to find official FIU branding and logos:
Digital Branding
Regular Standards
Load Download

Tech Support

For support with printers, accessing files off-campus, internet connection, or VPNs please visit our tech support page