SCIS Policies and Procedures

University Policies

  • FIU-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement – The Florida International University Board of Trustees and The United Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • University Policy Manuals – Policies and Procedures Library maintained by the Office of University Compliance & Integrity.
  • Faculty Handbook – A guide designed to present general information about Florida International University (FIU or the University), including regulations and policies that principally affect the Faculty.

CEC Policies

SCIS Policies

SCIS Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

    • School and Director Responsibilities
        SCIS has a responsibility to provide the necessary information to its T&P candidates to succeed, and to the evaluators to make an informed decision.
      1. SCIS will maintain (below) a list of “quality peer-reviewed journals” determined using the standard set by the School. For each journal in the list, it includes its Impact Factor (where available) and its rank among all ranked journals in the field. Similar lists will be available for conference publications and funding venues, because of their high importance in our field.
      2. For each tenure-track faculty member, the School Director is required to assign the faculty member to a mutually agreeable mentor-mentee relationship in the first semester of employment.
      3. The SCIS Tenure and Promotion policy document, and associated procedures, as approved by its faculty, is available on the School’s website.

Course Section Codes

    • RVC = Online section
    • U01 = In-person section
    • UHA = Hybrid section
    • RXA/RXAX/R7/R5 = Specialty Programs
    • RH1 = FEEDS section
    • B51 = Biscayne Bay Campus

Updated: November 19th, 2020


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