Graduate Programs

The Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in computer science and several Masters of Science degrees. The Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science program provides talented and motivated students with opportunities to train with our top research faculty in all major areas of computer science. Our Master of Science degrees also provides in-depth training in different fields of concentration.

Our faculty have a broad range of computing interests and have built dynamic and innovative research centers and groups around several areas of specialization These include:


  • Artificial Intelligence, including neural networks, expert systems, automated reasoning, term rewriting systems, and intelligent tutoring systems.
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.
  • Cognitive Science, with emphasis on the philosophical, psychological, and linguistic underpinnings of artificial intelligence.
  • Computer Networks, including network protocols, multimedia networking, and wireless communications.
  • Computer Science Education.
  • Database Systems, including database design, database management and applications, database theory and implementation, database machines, distributed databases, information retrieval in heterogeneous databases, multimedia databases, data mining, and digital libraries.
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems, including formal specification methodologies, distributed file systems, distributed multimedia systems, and operating systems.
  • Software Engineering, including large-scale software design, programming language environments, software development and maintenance methodologies, object-oriented techniques, software reuse, and software quality assurance.
  • Theory, including algorithms and data structures, programming languages, computer security, program verification, and logic.