Industry Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board is an important and crucial role as part of the greater process designed to strengthen the research and educational efforts of the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, and to achieve our long-term goals. Our distinguished, engaging and committed Board will produce a significant impact on our program design and execution, student training and placement, research collaboration and funding, and visibility. More specifically, we look to the Board’s support and insights in the following areas:

  • Serve as an advocate for the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences programs to FIU administration, industry, and funding agencies; and help to enhance Knight Foundation School visibility to industry in national and local venues.
  • Help to advance Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences research programs by identifying or providing opportunities for collaboration and funding in basic research, technology development, and technology transfer through industry and government agencies.
  • Provide industry feedback and insights on the direction, design, and execution of our research and education programs.
  • Promote opportunities for the School’s students to become exposed to the industry. Provide practical training to our students by creating co-op programs, mentoring programs and internships. Help to identify and/or provide employment opportunities for our students.
  • Help to identify, solicit and/or provide financial sponsorship to Knight Foundation School faculty endowment, research/teaching laboratories, and student scholarships.


Board members meet twice a year in South Florida, where they will discuss program development activities with the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences Director and FIU Administrators, and interact with Knight Foundation School faculty and students.

Employers Looking for Talent?

Are you a local, regional or national company looking to recruit bright computer science and information technology graduates. We graduate hundreds a year and we would love to introduce them to you. Post your job and internship opportunities on our self-service jobs board: With just a few click you can connect with our growing student population. We look forward to learning about opportunities at your company!


For membership information please contact Steve Luis: or 305-348-6215.

Pete Martinez, IAB Chair, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Game Changer Tec

Dr. Roy Gerber, IAB Co-Chair, Chief Technology Officer, Candidate.Guru

Bert Sylvestre, Vice President Business Development, Pro Logic Systems

Chris Fleck, Vice President, Emerging Solutions Citrix

David R. Martinez, Associate Head, Cyber Security and Information Sciences Division, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Hanafy Meleis, President, Palmetto Capital Fund, LLC

Jaime Borras, Chief Technology Officer, GeoToll

Juan Caraballo, Director, Global University Programs IBM Corp.

Jose Machado, Director of Software Engineering, RCCL

Max Schmidt, CIO, The World

Michael Buchenhorner, Patent Attorney, Michael Buchenhorner, PA

Michael Shen, Chief Marketing Officer, Duxlink Health

Ruban Bravo, Subdirector General de Tecnologías de Información, INFONAVIT

Steve Reid, Vice President of Software Engineering, Ultimate Software

Thomas Packert, Owner, Phase 1 Systems


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