Tech Station is a $3 million, 8,000 sq.ft hub for technology innovation, training and community engagement built to attract the next generation of top computing students.

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The facility provides creative and inspiring workspaces and enables an innovative approach to integrating advising, mentoring, curriculum, and laboratories. Industry will play a significant role throughout the facility mentoring students and providing real-world requirements that students can experience in the laboratory. Funding for the facility was awarded by the FLBOG who have recognized FIU as a top institution for training tech talent.


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  • Increase the number of top computing talent available in Florida such as software developers, systems administrators, and data scientists.
  • Expose students to challenging curriculum to encourage innovative and collaborative thinking in a modern tech office/lab setting.
  • Prepare students for real-world problems through industry mentoring and course engagement.
  • Support the broader Miami Tech Ecosystem by hosting events and workshops.
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  • Our Innovation Showcase (PG6 100) features the outstanding work of our students, from amazing Worlds Ahead Graduates to Senior Project Proof-of-Concept systems.
  • Comprehensive Student Advising Center (PG6 100) provides one-on-one academic counseling, career placement and community driven interventions designed to improve student performance and degree completion.
  • Designed with tech industry touches this home-at-work feel is open and inviting— throughout the facility collaborative spaces both open area and private room with state of the art technology making it easy to collaborate work seamlessly.
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  • The Advanced Systems Training Lab (PG6 105) house training workstations students will use to complete in-class assignments and receive state-of-the-art systems training.
  • Our Software Design and Development lab (PG6 106) provides developer workstations and laptop supported open meeting areas for students creating software to complete our challenging course work.
  • The IT Hardware and Services lab (PG6 102) provides technology students hands-on skills training on a variety of computing equipment/tools to integrate hardware and software systems.
  • The Team Rooms (PG6 101A-D) provides collaboration support for courses where student teams are developing large projects and provide a relaxed environment for peer study group sessions.
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  • Industry speakers, mentors, and collaboration on curriculum and student projects are just a few ways our students will experience industry before they graduate.
  • Outreach to South Florida students is all about building something awesome together.
    • Makerspace — Experience technology by making it! Build a mind-blowing DIY tech project in our garage.
    • Coding Club — For beginners and experienced coders, learn coding by building cool games, animations, and robots.
    • IT Shop — Do you know how your computer works? Come to the shop and learn to build your own computer.
    • Hack nights, workshops, and hackathons and more…

Join Us


You can explore the different degree programs that use Tech Station labs at our Prospective Students site or you can make an appointment with one of our Advisors who can assist you with admissions and planning your course of study.


Join the many computing professionals who are mentoring our students and assisting with their transition to the professional world. Our team is available to speak with you about engaging our students and developing meaningful relationships that can lead to addressing your employment needs.


If you would like to learn more about the K-12 student programs our team can get you signed up. Or if you are interested in developing an outreach program with us we would love to hear your ideas.