FIU at BC Hackathon

Carlos Lahrssen, Andres Valdes, Angelo Saraceno, MJ Ramos, David Castaneda BC hackathon was a great experience. We found it through the website since it is not yet an MLH event. Since our team consisted of MangoHacks and ShellHacks organizers
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Photo of Tariq King for Torch Awards

Tariq King, SCIS Alumni, wins Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni who have brought honor and distinction to the university through their notable record of service and achievement in a particular discipline, organization or cause Tariq M. King Tariq King is the senior director
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Photo of Jonathan Beltran, Alastair Paragas & Kennet Postigo

Alumni from #FIUSCIS won at TwitchCon Hackathon

#FIUSCIS alumnus were at TwitchCon Hackathon 2018 on October 27th. The hackathon allowed partnered streamers to provide ideas for new and useful extensions. Selected ideas given to teams to up to four to create prototypes by the end of the
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Photo of Mireya Jurado

SCIS Grad Student paper on An Analysis of Chinese Influence on Bitcoin

SCIS graduate student, Mireya Jurado,  co-wrote “The Looming Threat of China- An Analysis of Chinese Influence on Bitcoin” which is getting attention by a few major tech media outlets. The paper states that China has both “mature capabilities” and “strong motives” to
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Group photo of SCIS GHC2018 attendees

SCIS goes to 2018 Grace Hopper Conference

Five faculty members and twenty-six female students from FIU were granted a scholarship from the School of Computing and Information Sciences to attend the 2018 Grace Hopper Conference, Sept. 26 – 28th, thanks to the generosity of our director, Dr.
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Photo of FIU SCIS student Kerlin Michel

SCIS student, Kerlin Michel intern at Amazon

Kerlin Michel interned at Amazon from February to July 2018 as a software engineer, under Amazon Web Services (AWS) and worked on the AppSync Service. The project Kerlin worked on was a backend-as-a-service. It was a way for users to
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