Distance and Online Education

Online Courses

Learn from one of the best Computer Science and Information Technology from all parts of the globe with FIU’s School of Information and Computing Sciences distance-learning opportunities. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of accessing courses online anytime, anywhere. Complete courses from the comfort of your home or as a transient student from another University. Avoid having to take time off of work or other life responsibilities.

Our B.A. in Information Technology & B.S. in Information Technology degree programs are both fully available through FIU Online. Also, we have added a few courses from our B.A. in Computer Science (starting Fall 2017) & B.S. in Computer Science which will help with flexibility and will provide a hybrid learning experience.

Our distance learning courses provide intensive educational opportunities for all students. Whether you attend classes on campus or online, distance learning provides more accessibility. Taught by the same award-winning instructors who teach on campus, our fully online courses are convenient, flexible, and practical.

  • CGS2060 Introduction to Microcomputers
  • COP2250 Java Programming
  • COP4338 Programming III
  • CIS4431 IT Automation
  • CEN4010 Software Engineering I
  • COP3337 Computer Programming 2
  • COP3530 Data Structures

  • CDA3103 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • COP4710 Database Management
  • CTS4408 Database Administration
  • CIS5370 Principles of Cybersecurity (F)
  • TCN5030 Computer Communications and Networking Technologies (F)
  • TCN6215 Advanced Network Algorithms (F)
  • And much more…


The above course list is for information purposes only of what is being offered for the given semester and year. For details on class availability (open seats) please refer to the myFIU student portal at http://my.fiu.edu.

(F) FEEDS is a distance learning system that offers individual credit courses in support of degree programs and professional development in all disciplines available through the FIU College of Engineering and Computing. For the most updated FEEDS course offerings, visit MyFIU and look for the FEEDS, RH sections.