List of current KFSCIS Projects from Active Fiscal Year 2022 – Present

Alex Afanasyev (PI)ICN-WEN: Collaborative Research: ICN-Enabled Secure Edge Networking with Augmented RealityUCLA/NSF & Intel$335,1602017-2024
Alex Afanasyev (PI)Named Data Networking for 5g C-V2XFord Motor Co.$100,0002018-2023
Alex Afanasyev (PI), Julio Ibarra (Co-PI)Fabric Adaptive programmaBle network Research Infrastructure for Computer science (FABRIC)UNC/NSF$300,0012019-2022
Alex Afanasyev (PI)CC* Integration-Large: SCI-DRON: Scientific Distributed Data Repositories Over NDNTexas Tech. Univ. / NSF$78,4572021-2023
Mohammadhadi Amini (PI), Shabnam Rezapour Behnagh (Co-PI), Naphtali Rishe (Co-PI)Agent-based Learning to Utilize Local Data for Activity RecognitionGeorge Mason University / US DHS$74,7912021-2023
Janki Bhimani (PI)Collaborative Research: CNS core: OAC core: Small: New Techniques for I/O Behavior Modeling and Persistent Storage Device ConfigurationNSF$271,0712020-2023
Janki Bhimani (PI), Liting Hu (Former-PI)RumorHunt: A Next-Generation Online Scalable Streaming System for Early Rumor DetectionUSF/CyberFlorida$75,0002020-2022
Leonardo Bobadilla (PI)Collaborative Research: EAGER: Foundations of Secure Multi-Robot ComputationNSF$97,4942020-2023
Leonardo Bobadilla (PI), Ryan Smith (Co-PI)NRI: FND: Extending Autonomy in Seemingly Sensory-Denied Environments Applied to Underwater RobotsNSF$605,5692020-2023
Leonardo Bobadilla (PI), Gregory Reis, Ryan Smith, Kevin Boswell, Henry Briceno, Camilo Road (Co-PIs)Acquisition of a Combined Aerial and Underwater Motion Capture SystemARO$599,2532021-2023
Bogdan Carbunar (PI)SaTC: CORE: Small: Deconstructing and Neutralizing Search Rank FraudNSF$450,6442020-2023
Bogdan Carbunar (PI), Peter Clarke (Co-PI)Collaborative Research: EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Just-in-Time Artificial Intelligence-Driven Cyber Abuse Education in Social NetworksNSF$192,9212021-2023
Bogdan Carbunar (PI)A Distributed System for Early Intrusion Detection and Assessment of Cybersecurity RisksUS Dept of State CRDF Global$75,0002021-2022
Bogdan Carbunar (PI)Graduate Assistance in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence at Florida International UniversityUS Dept of Education$304,3892021-2024
Bogdan Carbunar (PI)SaTC: CORE: Small: Efficient Plausible Deniability SystemsSUNY / NSF$29,1002022
Dong Chen (PI)Online Learning and Visualization for Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Privacy-Enhanced IoT NetworksUSF/CyberFlorida$37,5002020-2022
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI), Scott Graham (Sr. Inv.), Tao Li (Former Sr. Inv.)CREST: Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment (CAChE)NSF$5,480,1492016-2023
Shu-Ching Chen (Sr. Inv.), Scott Graham (Sr. Inv.), Leonardo Bobadilla (Sr. Inv.), Gregory Reis (Sr. Inv.)CREST Phase II: Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CREST-CAChE)NSF$3,000,0002021-2026
Shu-Ching Chen (PI)Conference: Puerto Rico Honey Bee and Evolution of Invasive Organisms on Islands; August 13-15, 2019; San Juan, Puerto RicoNSF$50,0002019-2021
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI), Miguel Alonso, Jr. (Co-PI)RAPID: A Platform for Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Healthcare SystemNSF$159,3002020-2022
Shu-Ching Chen (PI), Miguel Alonso, Jr. (Co-PI), Steven Luis (Co-PI)SCC-PG: JST: Multimodal Data Analytics and Integration for Emergency Response and Disaster ManagementNSF$75,0002020-2022
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI)Public Hurricane Loss ModelFlorida Dept. of Insurance Regulation$1,058,0422020-2022
Shu-Ching Chen (Co-PI)Development and Evaluation of a General Drag Mode for Gas-Solid Flows via Physics Informed Deep Machine LearningUS Dept. of Energy$500,0002020-2023
Shu-Ching Chen (PI)Conference: Island Population Responses to Environmental StressesNSF$35,0002021-2022
Shu-Ching Chen (PI), Steven Luis (Co-PI)SCC-IRG JST: Multimodal Data Analytics and Integration for Effective COVID-19, Pandemics and Compound Disaster Response and ManagementNSF$750,0002021-2024
Peter Clarke (PI)Examining the Clinical Workflow and Outcomes of Integrating Health Information TechnologyUniv. Of Alabama/AHRQ$20,9192019-2021
Peter Clarke (PI), Debra Davis (Co-PI)SCIS
Subproject of Integration of Health Information Technology and Promotion of Personhood in Family-Centered Dementia Care
Peter Clarke (PI)Catalyst Project: Development and Implementation of Intelligent Adaptive Cyberlearning System for Minority Freshmen StudentsAlabama A&M Univ. / NSF$60,0002021-2023
Mark Finlayson (PI)CAREER: Learning Multi-Level Narrative StructureNSF$660,0002018-2023
Mark Finlayson (PI)ACUMEN: Analyzing Cultural Motif Effects in Networks – Motif Influence Networks in Social MediaSIFT/DARPA$669,7942019-2022
Mark Finlayson (PI)Automated Timeline Summarization of DefendantsMITRE$56,5012020-2021
Mark Finlayson (PI)Moving Out on Vaccines (MOoV)MITRE$40,0002021-2022
Mark Finlayson (PI)Building a Causal and Influence Network for Risk Prediction (NLP AI)MITRE$57,1982021-2022
Mark Finlayson (PI)YFA: Computational Narrative Representations for Information OperationsDARPA$465,8212021-2023
Mark Finlayson (PI)RADII: Reticular Analysis of Discourse for Influence IndicatorsSIFT/DARPA$149,4272021-2025
Hu (PI; transferred to VA Tech)
SPX: Collaborative Research: NG4S: A Next-Generation Geo-Distributed Scalable Stateful Stream Processing SystemNSF$315,2662019-2022
Liting Hu (PI; transferred to VA Tech)CAREER: Scalable and Adaptive Edge Stream ProcessingNSF$197,5982020-2025
Julio Ibarra (PI)Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)Assoc of Univs for Rsrch in Astronomy$17,802,5002014-2022
Julio Ibarra (PI), Russell Clark (Co-PI), Heidi Morgan (Co-PI)IRNC: RXP: AtlanticWave-SDX: a distributed intercontinental experimental SDXNSF$4,128,5222015-2022
Julio Ibarra (PI)Partnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh)Univ. of Wisconsin Madison / NSF$32,0262022
Julio Ibarra (PI)Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support (ACCESS) – Track 3: Operations & Integration ServicesUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign / NSF$216,6552022-2023
Julio Ibarra (PI), Heidi Morgan (Co-PI), Donald Cox (Co-PI), Luis Lopez (Co-PI), Jeronimo Bezerra (Co-PI)IRNC: Core Improvement: Americas-Africa Lightpaths Express and Protect (AmLight ExP)NSF$3,115,3662020-2025
Julio Ibarra (PI), Heidi Morgan (Co-PI), Yufeng Xin (Co-PI), Jeronimo Bezerra (Co-PI)IRNC: Core Improvement: AtlanticWave-SDX: A Distributed Experimental SDX Supporting Research, Experimental Deployments, and Interoperability Testing on Global ScalesNSF$5,254,5432020-2025
S. S. Iyengar (PI)STIR: COVERT ID: Cybersecurity Operations Vectors: Verifying External Resilience of Transgressors and their Identification through Cybersecurity ForensicsArmy Research Office$60,0002021-2022
S. S. Iyengar (PI), Kemal Akkaya, Jose Almirall, Kevin Lothridge (Co-PIs), Jerry Miller, Monique Ross (Key Personnel)The Forensic Investigations Network in Digital Sciences (FINDS) Research CenterArmy Research Office$915,0002021-2026
S. S. Iyengar (PI)AI
Learned: Cyber Forensics for Defense (CYFORD)
US Army XTech Search$5,0002021-2025
Amin Kharraz (PI)WEBHASH: A Spatio-Temporal Deep Learning Approach for Detecting Social Engineering AttacksMicrosoft$150,0002021-2022
Amin Kharraz (PI)GRIDSHIELD: Detecting Patient Zero Threats in Distributed Energy EcosystemMembers of I/UCRC Phase I University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Center for Infrastructure Trustworthiness in Energy Systems
Jason Liu (PI), Leonardo Bobadilla, Bogdan Carbunar, Mark Finlayson, Scott Graham, Liting Hu, S.S. Iyengar, Monique Ross, Ning Xie (Co-PIs)Center for Advancing Education and Studies on Critical Infrastructures Resilience (CAESCIR)DHS$1,200,0002017-2023
Jason Liu (PI)Collaborative Research: SHF: Small: Optimization of Memory Architectures: A Foundation ApproachNSF$225,0002020-2023
Jason Liu (PI), Julio Ibarra (Co-PI), Jayanath Obeysekera (Co-PI), Cassian D’Cunha (Co-PI), Yuepeng Li (Co-PI)NSF CC* Compute: RAPTOR – Reconfigurable Advanced Platform for Transdisciplinary Open ResearchNSF$400,0002021-2023
Ananda Mondal (PI)CAREER: RUI: NetDA — Protein Network-Based Software for Disease Analysis Using Cliques, Bipartite Graphs, and Diffusion KernelsNSF$505,4912018-2023
Ananda Mondal (PI)Deep Learning to Discover the Disparities in Lung Cancer between African American and European American MalesNIH/FIU RCMI$73,2502021-2022
Giri Narasimhan (Co-PI)CyberTraining: Implementation: Medium: Advanced Cyber Infrastructure Training in Policy InformaticsNSF$1,016,0002019-2023
Giri Narasimhan (PI), Ananda Mondal (Co-PI), Kalai Mathee (Co-PI), Prem Chapagain (Co-PI), Jessica Liberies (Co-PI)RAPID: Bioinformatic Search for Epitope-based Molecular Mimicry in the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Using ChameleonNSF$239,7972020-2022
Narasimhan (PI)
HDR Institute: Geospatial Understanding through an Integrative Discovery EnvironmentUIUC/NSF$97,7312021-2026
Narasimhan (PI), Miguel Alonso, Jr. (Former PI)
Neural network-assisted identification of parameters affecting mycotoxin risk in US winesUSDA$258,2532017-2022
Niki Pissinou (PI), S.S. Iyengar
REU SITE: ASSET: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling TechnologiesNSF$397,6842019-2023
Niki Pissinou (PI), S.S. Iyengar (Co-PI)RET in Engineering and Computer Science SITE: Research Experience for Teachers on Cyber-Enabled TechnologiesNSF$600,0002018-2022
Niki Pissinou (PI)RET in Engineering and Computer Science SITE: Research Experience for Teachers on Cyber-Enabled TechnologiesNSF$600,0002021-2024
Niki Pissinou (PI), Sheila Alemany (Fellow)NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program SupportNSF$57,3832021-2022
Christian Poellabauer (PI)CHS: Small: Emotion-Aware Internet-of-Things Based on Analysis of Speech and Physiological DataNSF$278,3982021-2022
Christian Poellabauer (PI)Personalized Mobility Interventions using Smart Sensor Resources for Lower-limb Prostheses UsersShirley Ryan Ability Lab$100,9222021-2022
Christian Poellabauer (PI), Selcuk Uluagac (Co-PI), Md Tauhidur Rahman (Co-PI)Project HaHa: Low-Cost Hands-on Hardware Security EducationCyberFlorida$1,413,1292022-2023
Raju Rangaswami (PI), Jason Liu (Co-PI), Giri Narasimhan (Co-PI)CNS Core: Medium: Collaborative Research: Generalized Caching-As-A-ServiceNSF$649,1312020-2023
Raju Rangaswami (PI)Scale-out Distributed SystemsSeagate$29,1002022
Naphtali Rishe (PI), Scott Graham, S.S. Iyengar (Co-PIs)I/UCRC: Phase II: Center for Advanced Knowledge EnablementNSF$1,267,8352013-2022
Naphtali Rishe (PI) – CFO Kenneth Jessell is Institutional LeadUniversityCity Prosperity ProjectUSDOT$11.4M2014-2024
Naphtali Rishe (Co-PI)MRI: Development of an Integrated Neuroimaging Instrument with Temporal and Spatial Alignments for Brain ResearchNSF$3,955,1102015-2021
Naphtali Rishe (Co-PI)MRI: Development of an Instrument for a Comprehensive Study of Alzheimer’s Disease: Multimodal Imaging, Visualization, Machine Learning and Therapeutic Brain StimulationNSF$3,423,6412019-2024
Naphtali Rishe (PI), Todd Crowl (Co-PI), S.S. Iyengar (Co-PI), Shahin Vassigh (Co-PI), Daniel Gann (Co-PI)MRI: Development of an Instrument for Student and Faculty Research on Multimodal Environmental ObservationsNSF$2,610,3072020-2025
Monique Ross (PI)CAREER: Cracking the Diversity Code: Understanding
Computing Pathways of those Least Represented
Monique Ross (PI)The Path Least Travelled: An Exploration of the experiences of Hispanic students traversing the barriers from a 2-year program to 4-year program as transfer students to careers in
computer science
Duke Univ./Google$96,9962020-2022
Monique Ross (Former PI, now Co-PI), Mark Finlayson (Co-PI), Selcuk Uluagac (Former Co-PI, now PI)EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Designing and Evaluating Curriculum Modules for Inclusive Integration of AI into CybersecurityNSF$308,0002020-2022
Monique Ross (PI), Kathleen Quardokus
Fisher (Co-PI)
EAGER: Broadening the Pathway: A case study analysis of the implications of math and science on computer science graduates’ employabilityNSF$300,0002020-2022
Monique Ross (PI)Characterizing Postdoctoral Education, Mentorship, Gender, and Race in the Formation of Academic Engineers and Computer ScientistsPSU/NSF$41,4952020-2023
Monique Ross (PI), Jasmine Batten (Fellow)NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program SupportNSF$46,8832021-2022
Monique Ross (PI)Linking Interested Females to Technology (LIFT)Reboot Representation Tech Coalition$250,0002021-2025
Fahad Saeed (PI)CAREER: Towards Fast and Scalable Algorithms for Big Proteogenomics Data AnalyticsNSF$415,9502018-2022
Fahad Saeed (PI), Shu-Ching Chen (Co-I), Francisco Fernandez-Lima (Co-I), Jason Liu (Co-I)Multimodal Machine-Learning and High Performance Computing Strategies for Big MS Proteomics Data with Alzheimer’s & Computing Cluster supplementsNIH$949,6952020-2023
Fahad Saeed (PI)NSF I-Corps Utilizing Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Early Detection and Identification of Mental DisordersNSF$50,0002021-2022
Fahad Saeed (PI)PFI-TT: Artificial Intelligence-enabled Real-time System for Early Epileptic Seizure Detection and PredictionNSF$250,0002022-2024
Mo Sha (PI)CAREER: Advancing Network Configuration and Runtime Adaptation Methods for Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator NetworksNSF$171,8152021-2026
Mark Weiss (PI), Monique Ross (Co-PI)Collaborative Research: Florida IT Pathways to Success (Flit-Path)NSF$1,944,118NSF$1,944,1182016-2022
Mark Weiss (PI)Developing a 15-Year Agenda for Computing Education ResearchNSF$79,3782020-2022
Mark Weiss (PI), Monique Ross (Co-PI), Maria Cristy Charters (Key Person), Tiana Solis (Key Person)SCIS Center for Inclusive Computing Best PracticesNortheastern Univ. Center for Inclusive Computing$625,0002021-2023
Mark Weiss (PI), A. Selcuk Uluagac
(Co-PI), Liting Hu (Co-PI), Stephen Secules (Co-PI), Tiana Solis (Co-PI)
Collaborative Research: Florida Information Technology Graduation Attainment Pathways
Mark Weiss (PI), Jason Liu (Co-PI), Giri Narasimhan (Co-PI), Steven Luis (Co-PI), Peter Clarke (Co-PI), Masoud Sadjadi (Co-PI)Break Through Tech – MiamiCornell University / Pivotal Ventures / Cognizant Foundation$1,463,3672022-2023
Ning Xie (PI), S.S. Iyengar (Co-PI)Graph Theoretic Approaches for Cyber Physical Security in NetworksUSC/ARO$222,8552019-2022
Ning Xie (PI)Novel Fast Algorithms for Linear Algebra ProblemsUS Army XTech Search$20,0002021-2025
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