Chevron Sponsors UPE & WiCS


Chevron invited UPE, WiCS, and other student organizations they sponsored this past year for a Lunch and Learn at the Engineering Center this week. They had the opportunity to speak to their representatives about how Chevron’s donation has impacted their programs and activities this past year.

Chevron supported UPE this past year by sponsoring ShellHacks and provided WiCS with funding for the Grace Hopper Celebration and WiCSCon. They also recruited many members for internships and jobs, including Oscar Barbosa (UPE Makerspace Manager) and Alejandra Massuh (WiCS President). Additionally, Alejandra is a Chevron Scholar through SHPE National and the First Generation Scholarship from FIU. Estefani Arroyo (WiCS Vice President) is also a Chevron Scholar through NACME.

UPE and WiCS are very grateful for their support and look forward to continuing working with Chevron this year! For more news and information related to these organizations, you can check out the UPE website here and the WiCS website here.

Written by: Natalie Whitehead