Curious about computer science?

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Curious about computer science? | School of Computing and Information Sciences

Inspired by the late Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University where he shared how auditing a calligraphy class in college inspired him years later..

IDC 1000 is an online course designed for students who want to learn about computing, but don’t have a math or science background, or may simply feel intimidated by the subject matter.

The course is broken up into three main modules. The first two modules make up the first half of the course and gives students an appreciation of how computing is a creative process that enables innovation, how it uses data and information to create knowledge, and how it has impacted society, particularly through the internet.

The third module teaches students how to make abstractions from patterns, create algorithms to solve problems, and then learn and apply basic programming knowledge to write simple programs and create mobile apps.

Source: FIU NEWS: Drop-in series