The Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Technology as a second major. This program is open to those students who are enrolled in and will be completing another Bachelor’s degree program or those who already have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Computer Science and Computer Engineering are not accepted as the primary major.


Degree Requirements

Information Technology BA degree as a second major is intended to augment a student’s primary degree.


All students must have completed the following courses (or equivalent) prior to starting the BA in Information Technology program.

  • COP 2250 Programming in Java
  • MAD 1100 Math Concepts for IT OR COT 3100 Discrete Structures
  • CGS 2518 Computer Data Analysis OR CGS 2060 Introduction to Microcomputers OR CGS 2100 Introduction to Micro for Business

Core Courses

All students must complete all of the following courses:

Elective Courses

All students must complete two elective courses from the following list:


All students must complete two additional elective courses. Students who are completing their first major concurrent with their IT degree must choose their cognate elective courses from a list of designated courses from the department of their primary major, with the approval of an IT adviser. Students who have received their first BA degree prior to enrolling in the IT program must instead choose an additional two courses from the list of IT elective courses.