The Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology as a single major with a strong foundation in the theory of Computer Science.

Flowchart (Admitted starting from Fall 2023 to present)
Flowchart (Admitted between Spring 2022 and Summer 2023)
Flowchart (Admitted between Fall 2010 and Fall 2021)


Students should have completed the following courses (or equivalent) prior to starting the BS in Information Technology.

Only a programming course in Java will be accepted as transfer credit to satisfy COP2210.


  • COP2250 Programming in Java
  • PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology
  • COT3100 Discrete Structures OR
  • CGS1920 Introduction to the Computing Field
  • CGS2518 Computer Data Analysis OR
    • CGS2060 Introduction to Microcomputers OR
    • CGS2100 Introduction to Micro for Business
  • MAC1147 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry OR
    • MAC1140 Pre-Calculus Algebra


Interdisciplinary Credits

Nine credits must be taken outside Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences. These credits must be selected from the courses for a minor or certificate in another discipline. All nine credits must be taken from the same minor or certificate.

Core Courses

Elective Courses

All students must take two elective courses.

Six credits of electives are required. Choose two from the Application Development Group.

Application Development


Free Electives

All students must complete additional general elective courses to reach a minimum of 120 total credits. Prerequisites can count as general electives.