UPE React Native Summer Workshop

We hope you’re having a great Summer so far! This Summer we’re offering a unique opportunity for you to learn how to develop mobile apps at our React Native Workshop. It will take place this Friday and will be led
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UPE – Machine Learning Workshop & Third General Meeting

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) would like to cordially invite you to our Machine Learning Workshop & Third General Meeting. This workshop will be led by Adrian Perez, Lead of SparkDev’s Artificial Intelligence Team and UPE’s Public Relations Director. At this workshop,
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ACM – Unity Workshop

Come to our workshop hosted by Bryan Wilson one of our new ACM members! A introduction to Unity Workshop to get a hands on experience and learn the basics.

UPE – Web Development Workshop

Interested in learning how to develop for the web? Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) would like to cordially invite you to our signature Web Development Workshop (JavaScript), taking place this Friday, April 6th from 2 – 4pm in PG6 116 (RSVP
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ACM – Data Science Workshop

Intro to Data Science with R and Python, learn standard techniques with useful packages for Data Science and the advantages of using each language for different tasks. Come join us, all are welcome.

UPE – Oath Day at FIU

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) would like to cordially invite you to Oath Day @ FIU. Oath is the parent company of brands such as Yahoo, Tumblr, Verizon, and more. Below are the activities that will be taking place for the
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Make a Virtual Reality game in Unreal Engine

Learn how to create experiences for Virtual Reality in a Beginner Workshop, hosted on March 7th. We’ll walk you through the steps, from beginning to end, on how to: Install Unreal Engine on your laptop (do this ahead of time
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MIT App Inventor

Have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to learn Mobile device programming?  Would you like to create a game to run on your Android phone? This workshop is open to students also! Room EC2830, FIU Engineering Center,
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WiCS: Hacking with Amazon Alexa

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) and the Association of Computing and Machinery (ACM) would like to invite you to join us for an MLH LocalHost event: Hacking with Amazon Alexa! The workshop will be held this FRIDAY, February 16th, from 12-2pm in PG6 112, and is designed for beginners
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WCCE 2018 – First Workshop on Critical Cybersecurity Education

Workshop Focus: Identify the cybersecurity concepts, skills, and toolsets that are considered to be critical for a large cross-section of students. Develop learning content for the critical cybersecurity knowledge identified. Form a learning community that can contribute additional learning materials
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