Facebook Summer Machine Learning Internship Experience


Name: Daniel Ruiz-Perez

Hometown: Born in Bilbao and raised in Galicia, both in Spain

Ph.D. Student, SCIS, Bioinformatics Research Group (BioRG);

This summer I did a remote internship at Facebook. I interned as part of the Facebook App Monetization Team, which is responsible for generating most of Facebook’s revenue. The team falls under the applied machine learning (ML) category, being at the intersection of product and applied research. Its main goal is to improve the overall ads experience, from increasing the recommendation accuracy to developing new infrastructure to make it possible.

My project was to design, build, and evaluate an experimental ranking framework to allow for user-specific ads personalization. In the A/B testing experiments we did,  we observed a performance and revenue increase from the previous setup.

My successful internship granted me an offer as a Ph.D. Research Scientist out of Menlo Park, from where I will start working after I complete my Ph.D. this Fall semester here at FIU. I would recommend everyone to apply for internships at Facebook, it has been one of the best decisions of my life!

Written by: Daniel Ruiz-Perez