Aleksandr Krasnok

Assistant Professor
Research and Educational Interests
  • Quantum materials
  • Functional Metadevices
  • Quantum and optical sensors
  • Wireless power transfer based on novel physical concepts
  • Anomalies in light scattering
Background Education
  • 2016 – 2018, Postdoc in Photonics, the University of Texas at Austin
  • 2010 – 2013, Ph.D. in Photonics and Quantum Optics, ITMO University
  • 2008 – 2010, M.S. in Quantum Optics, Far Eastern Federal University
Selected Publications
  1. Z.-L. Deng, T. Shi, A. Krasnok, X. Li, and A. Alù, Observation of Localized Magnetic Plasmon SkyrmionsNature Communications 13, 8 (2022)
  2. Q. Zhang, G. Hu, W. Ma, P. Li, A. Krasnok, R. Hillenbrand, A. Alù, and C.-W. Qiu, Interface Nano-Optics with van Der Waals PolaritonsNature 597, 187 (2021)
  3. M. Song, P. Jayathurathnage, E. Zanganeh, M. Krasikova, P. Smirnov, P. Belov, P. Kapitanova, C. Simovski, S. Tretyakov, and A. Krasnok, Wireless Power Transfer Based on Novel Physical ConceptsNature Electronics 4, 707 (2021)
  4. S. Lepeshov and A. Krasnok, Tunable Phase-Change MetasurfacesNature Nanotechnology 16, 615 (2021)
  5. G. Hu, Q. Ou, G. Si, Y. Wu, J. Wu, Z. Dai, A. Krasnok, Y. Mazor, Q. Zhang, Q. Bao, C. W. Qiu, and A. Alù, Observation of Topological Polaritons and Photonic Magic-Angle in Twisted Van der Waals Bi-LayersNature, 582 (7811), 209-213 (2020)
  6. Alex Krasnok, Photonic Rashba effectNature Nanotechnology, 15 (11), 893-894 (2020)
  7. Alex Krasnok, Metalenses go atomically thick and tunableNature Photonics, 14, 409-410 (2020)
  8. M. Wang, A. Krasnok, S. Lepeshov, G. Hu, T. Jiang, J. Fang, B. A. Korgel, A. Alù, and Y. Zheng, Suppressing material loss in the visible and near-infrared range for functional nanophotonics using bandgap engineeringNature Communications, 11, 5055 (2020)
  9. Liuyang Sun, Chun-Yuan Wang, Alex Krasnok, Junho Choi, Jinwei Shi, Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz, André Zepeda, Shangjr Gwo, Chih-Kang Shih, Andrea Alù, and Xiaoqin Li. Separation of valley excitons in a MoS2 monolayer using a subwavelength asymmetric groove arrayNature Photonics 13, 180–184 (2019)
  10. Denis G. Baranov, Yuzhe Xiao, Igor A. Nechepurenko, Alex Krasnok, Andrea Alù, Mikhail A. Kats. Nanophotonic engineering of far-field thermal emitters. 18, 920–930 Nature Materials (2019)
  11. Baranov, D. G., Alex Krasnok, Shegai, T., Alù, A., & Chong, Y., Coherent perfect absorbers: linear control of light with lightNature Reviews Materials2, 17064 (2017)
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