Headshot of Mustafa Ocal

Mustafa Ocal

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Mustafa Ocal is a distinguished researcher and academic in the field of Computer Science. He holds both a PhD and an MS degree from Florida International University, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Throughout his doctoral studies, Dr. Ocal’s research has centered on addressing core challenges in these domains, particularly in the realm of data science. His contributions have been recognized through the publication of numerous scientific articles at prestigious conferences and publishers, reflecting his expertise and scholarly impact. Moreover, Dr. Ocal has co-authored a book published by Cambridge University Press. Notably, he also holds a US-Patent for an Artificial Intelligence model of his own creation, demonstrating his innovative approach to problem-solving in the field.

In addition to his research contributions, Dr. Ocal is passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of computer scientists. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, he excels in effectively conveying complex concepts to students. Dr. Ocal’s extensive teaching experience spans across various universities, where he has delivered both undergraduate and graduate-level courses. He has mentored numerous aspiring computer science students at both undergraduate and graduate levels, providing them with invaluable guidance and support in their academic pursuits.

Background Education

2022 Ph.D., Computer Science, Florida International University
2021 M.S., Computer Science, Florida International University

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