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Naphtali D. Rishe


Dr. Rishe has authored 6 books and edited 7 books on database management, location-based data, health informatics, and high performance computing. He is the inventor of 8 U.S. patents on database querying, semantic database performance, Internet data extraction, and computer medicine. Rishe has authored 300 papers in journals and proceedings on databases, software engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Internet, and life sciences. He was awarded over $55 million in research grants by Government and Industry, including NSF, NASA, IBM, DoI, DHS, USGS. Rishe is the Founder and Director of the High Performance Database Research Center at FIU (HPDRC) and of the NSF International FIU-FAU-Dubna-Greenwich Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (I/UCRC). Rishe is the inaugural FIU Outstanding University Professor and Eminent Chair Professor in Computer Science.

Rishe’s principal projects are TerraFly (a 100 TB database of aerial imagery and Web-based GIS) and Medical Informatics.

Rishe’s TerraFly project has been extensively covered by the worldwide press, including the New York Times, USA Today, NPR, Science and Nature journals, and FOX TV News.

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Honors and Awards
  • Inaugural FIU Outstanding University Professor
  • Eminent Chair Professor in Computer Science
Research and Educational Interests

Geographic Information Systems, Database Management, Health Informatics

Background Education

1984 Ph.D., Computer Science, Tel Aviv University

Professional Activities

Director FIU-FAU-Dubna Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement

Selected Publications
  1. Michael A. Grasso, Yelena Yesha, Naphtali D. Rishe, Virginia Byers Kraus, Amanda Niskar. “Validation of a Large Osteoarthritis Cohort”. Proceedings of the OARSI 2016 World Congress on Osteoarthritis. Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 31 – April 3, 2016.
  2. Oliver Ullrich, Benjamin Brandt, Daniel Lueckerath, Naphtali Rishe. “A Simple Model of Cruising for Garage Parking”. Proceedings of ASIM-Workshop. Lippstadt, Germany. March 10-11, 2016. pp. 223-229.
  3. Francisco Raul Ortega, Naphtali David Rishe, Armando Bennett Barreto. USPTO Patent Application Publication US2016/0091977A1 “Gesture Discernment and Processing System”. Appl No.: 14/555,854. Filed: November 28, 2016. Publication Date: March 31, 2016. (NR GP S-11/1 P-3/16 Note: Google incorrectly calls it a US patent. )
  4. Sudarat Tangnimitchok, Armando Barreto, Nonnarit O-larnnithipong, Francisco R. Ortega, Naphtali D. Rishe. “Finding an Efficient Threshold for Fixation Detection in Eye Gaze Tracking”. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction(HCI’16). July 17-22, 2016. Toronto, Canada. Chapter in the book Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction Platforms and Techniques. Volume 9732 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016. pp.93-103. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-39516-6_9
  5. Tao Li, Wubai Zhou, Chunqiu Zeng, Qing Wang, Qifeng Zhou, Dingding Wang, Jia Xu Yue Huang, Wentao Wang, Mingjin Zhang, Steve Luis, Shu-Ching Chen, Naphtali Rishe. “DI-DAP: An Efficient Disaster Information Delivery and Analysis Platform in Disaster Management”. Proceedings of the 25th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2016). October 24-28, 2016. Indianapolis, Indiana. 10 pages (e-published). DOI:
  6. Dan Tamir, Mumtaz Ali, Naphtali Rishe and Abraham Kandel. “Complex Number Representation of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets”. Proceedings of the 6th World Conference on Soft Computing (WConSC’16). May 22-25, 2016. Berkeley, California. pp. 108-113.
  7. Mumtaz Ali, Dan Tamir, Naphtali Rishe and Abraham Kandel. “Complex Intuitionistic Fuzzy Classes”. Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI’16). July 24-29, 2016. Vancouver, Canada. pp.2027-2034.
  8. Wei Xue, Tao Li, and Naphtali Rishe. “Aspect identification and ratings inference for hotel reviews”. Springer Journal of World Wide Web, Internet and Web Information Systems. pp. 1-15. DOI:10.1007/s11280-016-0398-9
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