Fall 2006: COP 4009 is now COP 4991

Those of you who have registered for COP 4009 (Component-Based Software Development), you should be aware that this course is now being offered under a new number COP 4991. So, if you meant to enroll for the Component-Based Software Development class in Fall 2006 (MON 1825-2105), then you need to fix your registration in PantherSoft (COP 4009 -> COP 4991).

For your information, in this class, we will first focus on the basic concepts of Component-Bases Software Development and then we will learn about Web Services and Grid Services in detail. We will have many practical experiments with the development and deployment of Web services and Grid services and will get familiar with the LA Grid facilities available in our school.

You will be divided in groups of 4-6 members to work on your favorite projects to be considered the term project for this class. I strongly encourage those of you who enjoy programming (and software engineering in general) to take this class. The prerequisites for this course are COP 4338 OR COP 4005 and familiarity with at least two major high-level programming languages (e.g., Java and C#).

Please feel free to contact me, should you have any further questions.

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