FIU awarded over $2M to prepare students for careers in cybersecurity

Grants & Scholarships

Cyber Florida has awarded FIU more than $2 million to fund four projects focused on educating and preparing students for careers in cybersecurity and information technology.  

These grants, funded by the Cybersecurity and Information Technology Pathways (Cyber/IT Pathways) program, will help expand FIU-led programs meant to address the national skills shortage in cybersecurity and information technology by providing research, professional development for students, K-12 outreach, and upskilling public and nonprofit organizations.  

“FIU is extremely proud to have four programs selected as a part of this grant,” said Elizabeth Béjar, interim provost of FIU. “The outcomes of these funded projects will further the impact of the Cybersecurity@FIU emerging preeminent program and highlight our ongoing commitment to research and development of best practices in this field.”  

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