Alumni from #FIUSCIS won at TwitchCon Hackathon

#FIUSCIS alumnus were at TwitchCon Hackathon 2018 on October 27th. The hackathon allowed partnered streamers to provide ideas for new and useful extensions. Selected ideas given to teams to up to four to create prototypes by the end of the hackathon.

Jonathan Beltran, Alastair Paragas & Kennet Postigo

Jonathan Beltran, Alastair Paragas & Kennet Postigo came in second place, Honorable Mention, for their hack Twiffle.

We were surprised when we found out this feature wasn’t already existing, but our main goal was to streamline the giveaway process. The application is divided between 2 types of users – the streamer and the subscriber. The streamer can hold multiple types of raffles on the app – “custom”, “trivia”, “boundary” and “random”.

Twiffle allowed for sponsors to host giveaways on Twitch channels.

Read more about Twiffle on Devpost

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