FIUSCIS Student experience with Science Without Borders Summer Research Program

Science Without Borders Summer Program 2019 comes to a successful end after a period of two productive months. Five Indian students, three from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Sajal Raj Joshi, Yashas Hariprasad & Kundan Kumar and two from R.V. College of Engineering, Rameshwar Garg & Surya Dheeshjith, were selected to be a part of this program along with one of our Undergrad student, Daniel Isaac Jimenez. They worked under the esteemed guidance of Dr. S. S. Iyengar and Mr. Thejas Gubbi Sadashiva. They worked on various research projects and had a good time during the program. This was one of the activities carried out under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between FIU, SIT, and RVCE.

By the end of the program, students expressed highly positive feedback. They shared that this program was highly productive since it served as an eye-opener as to how they could learn while enjoying at the same time. They felt that this program would have a substantial impact on their future career prospects in the area of Machine Learning.

Before joining the Science Without Borders Summer Research Program, Daniel Jimenez, a senior in the FIU honors college studying computer science, did not have primary research experience. At the start of summer 2019, he reached out to be a part of the FIU SCIS Discovery Lab under the esteem guidance of Dr. SS Iyengar, Thejas GS, and Col. Jerry Miller. Together with five international students from India (SIT and RVCE), they are working in the area of Machine Learning and Cybersecurity. In the program, Daniel is applying research methodology to solve real-world problems that can promote “big data” insights for non-profits, businesses, and government sectors. The experience empowers him to strive for his research goal, which is to use computing technologies for improving the health of the environment and the people in it. Including these, after sharing many delicious and SPICY Indian meals, he is now a fan of Indian food.

All the six students could substantially impact the future of machine learning.

~ Thejas Gubbi Sadashiva

We would like to thank Dr. S.S. Iyengar, Mr. Thejas Gubbi Sadashiva, Dr N. R. Sunitha, Professor, and SIT-FIU MOU coordinator, Dr. Shobha, Professor, and RVCE-FIU MOU coordinator, RVCE, Ariana Taglioretti, Col. Jerry Miller, Prajwal Badrinath, Steven Luis and the entire IT Support team, Jose Oquendo and other FIU staff for contributing towards the success of this program.

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