Gregory Murad Reis Receives RETI Award

Faculty Award

Photo of Gregory Reis

Assistant Teaching Professor Gregory Reis is an inaugural recipient of the Rewarding Excellence in Teaching Incentives (RETI) award at FIU. He was selected as one of 18 awardees in a highly competitive process consisting of blind reviews by teams of 3 reviewers. Reviewers looked at nearly 100 nominations for the award selections.

This award for teaching excellence is a part of the Evaluating and Rewarding Teaching Incentive. The RETI awards are intended to recognize faculty who are working to create learning-centered, inclusive classroom experiences by using evidence/information from their own classrooms to inform instructional design and practice. This award provides faculty an opportunity to build their teaching excellence portfolio. It serves as a foundation for future teaching awards.

Dr. Reis will receive a $2,000 award recognizing his excellence in learning-centered, inclusive, and evidence-based teaching.