IBM Research post Research being performed at I/UCRC CAKE

IBM Research post Research being performed at I/UCRC CAKE

The Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE), started at Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University under the advocacy of the National Science Foundation.

Looking for better-unbiased ways for predicting the performance of financial instruments, looking for novel patterns in the news and narrative text called “tropes” — stereotypical clusters of events, characters, motivations — that he hypothesizes will correlate with investor sentiment, and thus with future price movements.

~ Dr. Mark Finlayson

CAKE has been a great resource for recruiting diverse talent for IBM Research via summer internship programs, which can eventually lead to a career in Research. For example, CAKE alums Shonda and Shalisha Witherspoon will join IBM Research in May 2018 to work on Distributed AI projects.

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