UPE Make program hosts 3D modeling workshop


Programs with 3D graphics are becoming more and more commonplace nowadays. Upsilon Pi Epsilon’s Make program was able to shed a little light on how 3D models are made. The goal of the UPE Make program is to teach students hardware development skills with hands-on and interactive activities and workshops.

On Thursday, April 11th, Make hosted a workshop to introduce students to 3D Modeling software and its interface. Students in attendance were able to learn the basics of designing their own 3D, computerized models from scratch. After the models were made, the students were also taught the process of exporting models so that the models may be printed in 3D printers.

The UPE Make program is sponsored by Intel and the Honors College Edge Lab. For more news and information related to the UPE Make program, make sure to sign up for UPE’s membership and mailing list.

Written by: Natalie Whitehead