UPE Elects New Executive Board

Friday, October 12th, was a significant day for members of Upsilon Pi Epsilon; in addition to a General Body Meeting, an InfoTech Workshop, and an Info Session from Google Cloud Platform, the organization held its Executive Board Elections to elect candidates for the 2019 Executive Board.

The ever-important President and Vice President races were especially close, with candidates in both elections being well-known figures with strong reputations in the UPE community. In the end, Christopher Rodriguez and Adrian Perez were elected President and Vice President respectively. Christopher will be getting promoted from his current Vice President role and taking over for Cesar Villa Garcia, who has been President of UPE for the past four years.

Many positions had multiple candidates that were all equally qualified for the job, leading to even more close races. Although some did not achieve the positions they were striving for, many of them plan to be involved in the organization as committee members and potentially run again in 2020.

Here is the complete list of all winners for elected and appointed positions in the elections for the 2019 Upsilon Pi Epsilon Executive Board:

President: Christopher Rodriguez

Executive Vice President: Adrian Perez

Vice President of Communications: Matt Taylor

Vice President of Membership: Katherine Yi

Vice President of Finance: Carlos Neira

Vice President of Logistics: William Elias

Vice President of Marketing: Shanna Sit

CSO Representative: Austin Kiesel

Public Relations Director: Nazmul Huq

Social & Digital Media Director: Kayling Wong

Webmaster: Jehf Denezaire

Historian: Natalie Whitehead

SGA Representative: Jai Jethani

MakerSpace Manager: Oscar Barbosa

Director, UPE Code: Tommy Carrascal

Director, UPE Make: TBA

Director, UPE InfoTech: Rafael Hernandez

Director, UPE Advance: Julian Alarcon

Director, UPE CS First: TBA

Director, UPE SparkDev: Mauricio Santos-Hoyos

Director, UPE MentorFIU: TBA

Director, UPE Hackers: Yasmine Abdrabo

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Peter Clarke

Alumni Advisors: Cesar Villa Garcia & Jose Maldonado

Written by: Matt Taylor