Panther Alumni Week with guest Mr. Rick Tuttle

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Photo of Rick Tuttle talking to a class.

Photo of Rick Tuttle talking to a class.

SCIS had special guest alumni visit, Rick Tuttle, class of 87′, for FIU’s Panther Alumni Week (P.A.W.). Rick Tuttle is a Senior Web Developer at National Auto Lenders in Miami Lakes where he leads a team building web and mobile apps.

Rick was able to visit Maria Charters Introduction to Java class, where he was able to speak about the industry and answers questions from students.

“It was a pleasure to interact with the ECS students as part of Panther Alumni Week. They were engaged in our discussion asked excellent technical and career-related questions. I’m ready to come back every year!”

~ Rick Tuttle

SCIS thanks Rick for his visit and looks forward to inviting more SCIS alumni to interact with our students.