Recap: Grace Hopper 2019

I believe young women in SCIS need the opportunity to learn about the wide range of careers and research available to them so that they can feel empowered to make a positive difference in the world. 

Maria “Cristy” Charters, SCIS Instructor

Attending the Grace Hopper Conference was a life-changing experience for many of our SCIS students, since they were inspired by women, young and old, who shared their stories and encouraged them to be leaders and solve the problems of today, with their unique creativity and their technical knowledge, always keeping in mind to uphold the highest ethical values of helping others.  Women helping women to achieve and be the best that they can be was the main benefit of attending GHC, with inspirational speakers like Ana Roca Castro, Aicha Evans, Nimmi Ramanujam, and Fei Fei Li, who encouraged the young women at the conference to “ignite the genius in every child” (Roca Castro), “make women the solution” (Ramanujam), and “make technology to improve the human condition” (Fei Li).

Attending this engaging conference with almost 30000 women was just phenomenal. Either participating in workshops or listening to the keynote speakers or engaging with other attendees, I learned different perspectives on how to tackle different challenges. Spending time with our wonderful FIU students and colleagues were very positive and influential experiences.

~ Tiana Solis, SCIS Instructor

Big Sisters/Little Sisters

After attending GHC, our SCIS students were tasked with paying forward this experience by sharing their passion and knowledge of Computer Science to young “sisters” in middle and high school, encouraging them to learn how to code an app, and visualize themselves being a part of this wide and far-reaching field that can do so much good for others.  Our students felt very fulfilled as they mentored 44 “little sisters” last Saturday in an  App Lab workshop for girls.  They too, like the giants at the Grace Hopper Conference, made a powerful impact on the young girls who attended, and who many now start to see themselves entering the field of Computer Science.

Photos from Grace Hopper:

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