Ricardo Mizos overcomes autism and earns a degree in Information Technology

Ricardo Mizos, 23, has autism but with support from his parents and early therapeutic intervention, he recently graduated with a degree in information technology and plans on returning to in the fall for graduate school. One of the challenges of autism is paying attention, focusing and completing tasks. Ricardo thrived at School of Computing and Information Science (SCIS) and credits his professors and staff from the Advising Center with helping him succeed. “We provide a support system for students, for their well-being, not only to get the grades but to make them feel comfortable and at home,” said Tiana Solis, assistant director of academic advising and a lecturer at SCIS.

Mizos also took advantage of resources available at FIU such as the Disability Resource Center (DRC), which supports students with disabilities throughout their college experience. DRC currently has nearly 2,000 active students registered; of that number, 80 have autism. Registration is not mandatory; students opt-in if they think they need the services.

Read more about Ricardo at FIU News.


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