SCIS Part-Time Openings

OPS Computer Programmer

Design, document, develop, and test web-based applications, middleware, and systems tools to be deployed on Linux and Solaris servers. Maintain existing projects, most of which utilize open source software like LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL or PostgreSQL, Perl or PHP). The ideal candidate will be a junior or senior student, with at least one year left before graduation, and will demonstrate his/her programming skills either through class projects or work experience.

Responsibilities: The ability to:

  • Collect and produce materials for writing a Requirement Analysis Document for new software
  • Designing and documenting software systems
  • Developing and maintaining current software
  • Performing and documenting software testing

Requirements: Proficiency in:

  • The Software Engineering techniques as stated in Responsibilities
  • Familiarity with Unix command shells and tools.
  • Object-oriented programming (C#, C++, Java, etc)

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and server side scripting languages such as Perl or PHP are preferred. Training available to fill any knowledge gaps.

$8-12/hr, 20 hrs minimum, flexible work hours.
Salary commensurate to experience.

OPS Web Design/Developer

Create visually interesting web pages which effectively organize and communicate the schools web content. Assist faculty and staff update existing web content. Use and maintain off-the-shelf web-based information management tools, databases and other content management systems.

Responsibilities: The ability to:

  • Create page layouts for new web sites and web pages
  • Update existing web page content
  • Create and modify visual elements (IE. images) for the web pages.
  • Develop web applications using Javascript, PhP and other web programing languages.

Requirements: Proficiency in HTML/Javascript and in the following web page creation and image manipulation tools:

  • Dreamweaver or similar
  • Macromedia Fireworks / Adobe Photoshop or similar

Prior web development job experience not required but preferred. Graphics design skill a significant plus.

$8-10/hr, 20 hrs minimum, flexible work hours.
Salary commensurate to experience.

Please send your one page resume to:

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