SCIS student elected into student government

As of Wednesday, April 9th, the elections for the next Student Government Association term finally concluded. The campaign was a long one; from debates, to town halls, to even a recount for the presidency and two entire schools. Now, as of Monday, April 15th, the results are in.

A fellow SCIS student and Upsilon Pi Epsilon member, Elizabeth Alume, has been elected as one of the next senators for the College of Engineering and Computing. Alume has been involved in UPE since spring 2018 since joining the SparkDev web development team. Now that she has been elected, she will be UPE’s new SGA Representative, succeeding the current Jai Jethani.

For the College of Engineering and Computing, a second senator was also elected. Leading with Alume will be Danny De Leon, a civil engineering major. Their tenure as senators representing the College of Engineering and Computing starts on Monday, May 6th.

For more news and information related to what Alume and De Leon will be working on this semester, make sure to sign up for UPE’s membership and mailing list.

Written by: Natalie Whitehead

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