UPE Super Smash Bros Tournament

UPE Super Smash Bros Tournament
Sometimes, after months of exams and resume-building, the best way for the university community to unwind is to come together and enjoy some friendly competition. This past Friday, November 9th, Upsilon Pi Epsilon held a sprawling Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament, with over a hundred participants and even more spectators! Across from the main event, attendees could find the Discord Game Room, where gamers could enjoy free play on retro consoles, a Nintendo Switch, and even a full Rock Band 4 setup.

Prizes included brand new gaming keyboards, mice, and other valuable hardware, thanks to sponsors such as Amazon, Discord, and Spotify. After hours of grueling competition, the winners took home the gold!

Upsilon Pi Epsilon routinely holds gaming tournaments like these to allow the community to enjoy a welcome break from the usual day-to-day stress. To stay up-to-date on future tournaments and other interesting events, be sure to sign up for UPE’s mailing and membership list right here. See you at the next tournament!

Written by: Matt Taylor

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