TECH SUMMIT 2023 Addresses the Transformative Influence of AI


KFSCIS hosted the first annual Tech Summit 2023 which addressed the technological impact and transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across education, healthcare, finance, and climate. FIU President Kenneth Jessell opened the event, highlighting FIU’s recent climb in rankings to #4 in the Wall Street Journal rankings and the role that FIU was playing in advancing South Florida is a hub of technical innovation. The event was highlighted by stimulating keynote addresses by Mr. Raul Moas, Senior Director at the Knight Foundation and Mr. Pete Martinez, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the SIVOTEC family of companies.

In the morning session, participants listened to a panel of experts as they addressed the topic of AI Empowerment and Transformation. The panel was composed of experts from business, industry, and academia, including Dr. Mark Finlayson, FIU; Dr. Michael Mannino, MDC; Norbert Monfort, VP at Assurant; Dr. Christian Poellabauer, FIU; and Mr. Thomas J. Packert, Xendoo, as well as Moderator Mr. Pete Martinez from SIVOTEC.

The panel addressed issues concerning AI, the benefits of the new technology, as well as potential changes throughout the workforce as everyone adopts the new technology for new purposes.  

The Tech Summit continued through lunch, as Dr. Bridgette Cram, Vice President for Academic Affairs: Student Success Operations and Integrated Planning at FIU, opened the Lunch and Learn to address FIU’s leadership role in the Office of Career and Talent Development and Office of Micro-Credentials in providing strategic guidance for 21st Century Workforce Initiatives, including the development of industry partnerships and work-learn-earn models to promote career readiness. She also addressed FIU’s student success initiatives, focusing on ensuring equitable access and success for all FIU students. Her office is also working with KFSCIS to institute the new Tech Academy to promote workforce development to meet the demand for high-tech professionals in the South Florida region.

The Tech Summit continued throughout the day and night with the graduate student Research Symposium and the KFSCIS Annual Awards Celebration. The following day, KFSCIS hosted the Computer Science and Cybersecurity undergraduate Showcase, highlighting undergraduate projects completed with industry partners.