UPE hosts Shellhacks 2022 – Florida’s largest hackathon

A drowsy college student peels himself out of a sleeping bag as the morning sun illuminates the Kovens Conference Center. Spread out around him, coders sit at round tables, clicking away on their keyboards. A woman in an FIU sweater paces back and forth by the window, pumping her arms and bopping her head while jamming to music. A young man wearing a large fishing hat bounces a beach ball on the floor, skirting between tables decorated with Cheetos bags and soda cans. 

Time is almost up on the 36-hour coding marathon known as ShellHacks. Every hacker here has a seemingly different approach to their craft, yet they share a commonality that is so powerful, that it creates a tremendous community that attracts the biggest businesses in the world.  

Students with a love for technology are invited every year to create computer applications at ShellHacks. Hosted by Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) at FIU, this year’s ShellHacks was once again the largest hackathon in Florida. Sponsors of the proceedings included title sponsor Lab22c, a Miami startup focused on connecting local talent to great careers, along with Kaseya, Capital One, State Farm, Google, Microsoft, Meta and other top companies.

UPE hosts Shellhacks 2022 – Florida’s largest hackathon

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