Upsilon Pi Epsilon’s Valentines Gift to SCIS Students

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Valentine’s Day, a day where people express their love to their dearest companions, has been, for the most part, unchanging where traditions are usually predicated on showing affection to others. But what about showing love and appreciation for programming, a valuable tool that has transformed modern society? Well, last Friday, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) gave students this opportunity with their first-ever Coding Cupid event, allowing SCIS students a chance to take representatives of their preferred coding languages on dates. Since so many different programming languages exist, participants were able to take all of the languages on “speed dates.” UPE’s top coders for six languages, including Swift, C++, Python, JavaScript, Go, and C#, represented the languages and acted as a proponent for the language itself by personifying their traits as accurately as possible. Each representative marketed their language to try to persuade students to explore them more deeply on their own time. Afterward, each language was ranked against the other as the most desirable language by having participants attending the event hand a rose to the language they liked the most. In the end, there was a three-way tie for number one with Swift, Python, and C++ winning over attendees’ hearts. In addition to the dating aspect of this event, participants vibed out to music, ate fun snacks, and got an opportunity to play games such as Jenga and Super Smash Bros. Did you miss out on this event? Make sure to stay updated on the latest news and future events hosted by UPE by joining their Discord here:

Written by: John Quitto-Graham