2016-2017 Student Internships


One of the main goals in the School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) is to help its computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) students be prepared to enter the workforce when they graduate. Apart from exposing its student body to student organization events, professional community activities, company information sessions and real-world projects, SCIS assists students with resume reviews, provides them with job interview strategies, and assists them with finding internship opportunities at numerous local and national companies.

SCIS STEM & Internships Coordinator, Dr. Mario Eraso, helps students get into the job market well before graduation. At the beginning of every semester, Mario coordinates efforts with FIU’s Career and Talent Development to provide students with customized CS/IT career development workshops and company information sessions. Mario also maintains the SCIS Career Path and SCIS Co-op Program websites.

SCIS student interns have proved to be highly skillful and competent, and many times are hired for full-time positions after their internship experiences. For example, Alastair Paragas is interning this summer at CERN, a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Alastair also helps run workshops organized by FIU’s Association for Computing Machinery. You can read more about the details on how Alastair got the internship at FIU News My Internship Series.

Below is a short list of students who have received internship opportunities at prominent companies.



JPMoragan Chase

Esteban Chirinos, Francois Pierre, Adrian Rodriguez, Juan Lopez, Ashley Martinez, David Cantu, Alejandro Dominquez, Enrique Espinet, Frank Hernandez, Carolina Karthik, Leon Liang, Jonathan Losada, Oscar Martinez, Eddy Mogollon, Miguel Rios, Christopher Rodriquez, Hector Sanabria

VertivCo (formerly Emerson Network Power)

Jose Morgan, Devin Dupaix, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Sean Borland, Farah Salahuddin, Andres Chalela, Lucas Iglesias


Jose Morgan, Devin Dupaix, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Eduardo Porto