Bring Your Parent to Code Day

Photo of participants at Bring your parent to code day.

Bring Your Parent to Code Day is a community event where participants of the FIU Coding Clubs share their coding abilities with parents and siblings. On Saturday, February 17, 2018, the event was held at FIU SCIS Tech Station. These are some interesting numbers about the event:

  • 45 family members attended the event.
  • 17 middle school girls who are members of the FIU Coding Clubs attended the event.
  • 5 FIU CS/IT majors, of which 4 are female and 1 is a female graduate student, facilitated learning.
  • 10 of 15 FIU Coding Club girls brought their fathers to the event and coded with them a replica of Galaga, a great arcade game from the 1980s. Research shows that when fathers promote the enjoyment of STEM subjects, integrate math into everyday life, and provide positive and challenging academic experiences to their daughters, it can lead girls to higher levels of STEM course-taking and career choices.

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