CodeFest 2016

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week,’s “Hour of Code” initiative to introduce millions of young people to computer programming, and in partnership with Miami-Dade County Schools, FIU School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) held CodeFest on Sunday, December 11th in FIU’s Tech Station.

This was a fun and exciting event will allow young people attending elementary through middle school an opportunity to experience coding by working in a team to develop a computer game or animation that solves our mystery challenge. Prizes were awarded and there was special guest appearance.

It was a community effort, to motivate 138 elementary and middle school students to use technology to make the world a better place!

Thanks to generous donors, including SCIS, Ultimate Software & the CS Academy for Teachers, UDT, and Google Ignite, who funded the food, prizes, and t-shirts.

Thanks also go to the many CS & IT students that participate in the elementary school outreach program each Wednesday, since they regularly teach many of the students that attended CodeFest, and then volunteered today by blowing up balloons, organizing students, and mentoring them during the competition.

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