Congratulations to WiCyS at FIU for winning the Student Chapter Leadership Award

Congratulations to WiCyS at FIU for winning the Student Chapter Leadership Award

Left to right: Heidys Cabrere, Nava Haim, Analia Camarda, Danay Rumbaut, Zipporah Thomas, Tiana Solis, Lalliet Aberg Cobo, Yessenia Lopez Reyes, Emma Chu

WiCyS is committed to bringing outstanding women together to celebrate and grow their passion and drive for cybersecurity. WiCyS is a global network of women, allies, and advocates. They bring together local groups of thriving and aspirant female cybersecurity experts from around the world to work together, exchange expertise, network, and mentor. They create opportunities through conferences, employment fairs, professional development programs, and other events.

At WiCyS @ FIU, we aim to inspire more women to join the expanding cybersecurity field. Currently, women hold 25% of cybersecurity jobs globally in 2022, up from 20 percent in 2019. Also, only 4% of Hispanics represent the cyber industry. With FIU being 67% Hispanic, we can change those statistics. 

At WiCyS 23′ annual conference FIU was rewarded the Student Chapter Leadership Award. The award was very unexpected since there was no application for it. Right now, WiCyS has 200+ chapters around the world who have chapters that represent drive, determination, and leadership for women in cybersecurity. So we are utterly grateful to have received it.

The trip would not have been possible without the Jack D. Gordon Institute for sponsoring our WiCyS @ FIU members who attended. A special thanks to them and our advisors, Tiana Solis, Yessenia Lopez Reyes, and Danay Fernandez (WiCyS @ FIU President 21′-22′), who have undoubtedly encouraged and supported us. We truly couldn’t have done it without them.

Current E-Board:
President: Danay Rumbaut
Vice- President: Johanna Dezeme
Logistics Manager: Analia Camarda
Secretary: Emily Rosario
Treasurer: Azaliah Waters
RSO Rep: Morgan Neves

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