Dr. Mark A. Finlayson on Artificial Intelligence: convenience or threat?

Photo of AI head with wired connections
The head of a robot covered with skin made of a ‘nanotech’ material that was invented by David Hanson in Hong Kong.
~ Kin Cheung AP

Another of the most promising applications refers to the time you spend driving to your job and back home. The next time Waze helps you get out of unbearable traffic on US1 or another of the congested highways of South Florida think that artificial intelligence played its part.

Helped by the information of millions of bikers and their timely updates on the speed of movement and traffic conditions, including accidents, police presence, breakage of vehicles and buildings, Waze uses anonymously the location of each user and brings together all that information about traffic conditions to recommend less congested routes.


“This will happen gradually, and the question is who will control this technology.
Currently, large corporations and the Army invest heavily in AI and have an increasing
control over it,” says Finlayson.

Source: Inteligencia Artificial: ¿conveniencia o amenaza?

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