FIU at BC Hackathon

FIU at BC Hackathon
Carlos Lahrssen, Andres Valdes, Angelo Saraceno, MJ Ramos, David Castaneda

BC hackathon was a great experience. We found it through the website since it is not yet an MLH event. Since our team consisted of MangoHacks and ShellHacks organizers we were able to give the BC organizers some tips and tricks. Overall, the hackathon had great energy and a large turnout! The food was great and we loved seeing all the projects! We are keeping in touch with the BC organizers in order to collaborate with them in fostering the hacker community here in South Florida.

For our hack, we created a mobile application that allowed users to take a picture of a dog and would determine the breed using an image classifier which would then find a dog of matching breed up for adoption in a shelter nearby. We called our hack Woof and the greatest part of it was we got to visit the dog park and test it with real puppers!

Live Demo!

Source Code:

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