FIU Coding Clubs Girls participated in the 3rd Annual Code/Art Miami event

The FIU Coding Clubs Girls participated in the 3rd Annual Code/Art Miami event, which was attended by 350 people and held on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at University of Miami.

Some stats about the event:

  • Thanks to a SCIS-Code/Art MOU signed on October 15, 2017, in which the two organizations agree to collaborate on efforts that promote middle school girls’ exposure to computational thinking experiences, FIU Coding Clubs members were able to participate in the 3rd Annual Code/Art Miami event.
  • Kierstin Matsuda, FIU Coding Clubs Program Leader, received the Top Teacher Award. Kierstin has been accepted to FIU Grad School.
  • 11 of the 26 FIU Coding Clubs girls participated in the event. All of them won awards, and each submission was made during the weekly club sessions at FIU.
  • Dominique S. won 1st place for the Self-Portrait People’s Choice Awards (attendees of the event choose their favorite JavaScript program).
  • Keren R. won 2nd place for the Interactive category and top ten for the People’s Choice Awards.
  • Lauren and Angela won 2nd place for the Team Submissions Category. Their submission was created at the FIU Coding Clubs BETA Hackathon!
  • The rest of the girls received top ten awards in at least one category. Lily got top ten in the Interactive category as well as in the Animation category.
  • Taylor Rivera, the first graduate of FIU Coding Clubs, has been accepted to FIU CEC. Taylor is a long-time dedicated TA for our clubs and was present at the event helping with program logistics and as TA during the Coding Workshop for Students and Parents facilitated by Kierstin.


Samples of Self-Portraits coded using JavaScript:       Tropically Beautiful               Inspired by Anime’s            Hypnotizing Eyes           Like Mona Lisa               Mesmerizing Green Eyes            Thoughtful Girl and Cute Pony                Passion for Coding and Panda Bear


Photo Gallery:

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