FIU hosts the InterCollegiate Programming Competition

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On Saturday, February 25, FIU hosted the Southeast regional International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC). Twenty-one of the 90 teams that competed yesterday from across the southeast region (Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi) came to our site. There were four other sites running the same competition in parallel: Univ West Florida, Samford U, Augusta U, and College of Charleston. A total of 63 contestants, 8 coaches, and support members drove here from across Florida to compete at our site.

The southeastern winners in Div 1 were Georgia Tech (Pandas), UCF (BeeHive), and UCF (Beacon), who solved 12, 10, and 9 problems respectively. FIU fielded 4 teams. FIU’s top team did creditably well, solving 6 problems, and were placed 5th at our site and 9th in the Southeastern conference. This was the best performance by our team in recent memory.

Our teams and team members were as follows, which includes 1 female student, 6 Hispanic students, and one African American student. 

FIU-DeepThought: Ricardo Ruiz, Lazaro Hurtado, and Ngang Bah;
FIU- Prowlers: Julio Rego, Lorena Amanda Quincoso Lugones, Ian De Leon;
FIU-Paws: Michael Wei, Sebastian Dolan;
FIU-Roar: Mohammadreza Kazemi, Anish Bandari;

This competition is one of the main events organized by the Academy for CS Education.